Website Design

Where do you start when you want a website built? There are thousands of people out there who can do it for you, but who do you trust!  How about starting with someone who understands you and what you want.

I build websites on the well known platform ‘WordPress’ and will find or build a theme which suits you and your requirements. The website will be responsive, in other words it will resize if being viewed on a smartphone or tablet.  It will be easy to navigate, easy to update and will include any social media you require.  If you need photographs for your website, you’re definitely in the right place as photography is also part of my business.

Websites built include:

Hereford Equestrian:

Hereford Market:

F & I Association:

Marie Ryan:

Liz Langford Equestrian:

Melanie Phillips Dressage:

My photography site is hosted by Photodeck: